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Is your Air Conditioning no longer cold?

If your cabin area is not cool enough or the air con system is struggling to clear/demist your windscreen, then it’s time to get your air con system checked over by Buddys Service Centre. 

If your air conditioning stops working, more often than not it can be resolved quickly and easily with an air-con regas.

We offer air con recharge and anti-bacterial treatment services for both refrigerant gases widely used in vehicles today (R134a and R1234yf) to ensure your vehicles air conditioning system is running as cool and as efficiently as possible. We can then check for leaks in the system prior to recharging it with the correct volume of refrigerant gas, as well as topping up essential system component lubricating oils.

Starting from £60.00

Air Conditioning Anti-Bacterial Cleaning service complete with new cabin filter

Air conditioning units are prone to accumulating bacteria through every day use, as well as after long periods without use.

The first sign you might notice of this is a persistent smell coming from your car’s air conditioning system. In some cases this smell might go after a short period of having run the system, this is especially common if the air conditioning has not been used for a while. An anti-bacterial clean will make sure that your car’s air conditioning system is clean and smells much fresher so you can enjoy crisp and cooling air all year round. 

With Buddys Service Centre antibacterial clean you will also receive a new cabin filter as this will improve the air quality inside your vehicle. 

Starting from £55.00

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