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When Should You Service Your Vehicle?

There are several factors affecting the frequency with which you should service your car . Many people ask, how often should a car be serviced, however the primary trio for consideration for an answer are:

  • The amount of miles you drive.
  • How well your vehicle has been maintained.
  • The surfaces and quality of road you travel on.

As a good rule of thumb, we suggest you have your car serviced every twelve months or 12000 miles, whichever comes first, although all manufacturers do have different service schedules.  Heavy car users, who drive many miles a year, should aim to have at least an interim service every six months or 6000 miles.

Most modern cars have an on board computer that ensures a warning light- often in the image of a spanner- flashes up on the dashboard when your car has reached its service interval.

If your car doesn’t have this facility, you can contact us at 01282 870777. We’ll advise you about the specific servicing requirements for your vehicle and provide you with a free no obligation quote.


Regular servicing increases the safety, reliability and lifespan of your vehicle. Small faults can be discovered early making the chance of breakdown much less likely. What’s more, research shows that cars with full service history have a resale value of up to 26% more than similar un-serviced vehicles.  

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